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With our BMI calculator, you can estimate your body mass index easily and answer to questions like:

  • What is a healthy bmi for women?
  • How to estimate ideal bmi for men?
  • Should I lose weight?

It is very important to keep track of your BMI score, in order to mantain an ideal or healthy BMI, for women and men. If you decide you need to lose weight, don't hesitate to go to a professional diet center for weight loss tips. In our tool, you simply have to enter your current height and weight in the corresponding fields, and press the button in your right. Our website will calculate the results, and show them, along with the body mass index classification established by the World Health Organization.

BMI Calculate:
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It is important to remember to enter your height in centimetres instead of meters in the height field. So, if you are 1,70 meters tall, you should enter 170 in the box.

Body mass index - healthy body– calculate BMI free - Ideal Weight Calculator

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